How to Make a New Website for Your Business

Are you wanting to build a new website for your business but overwhelmed by all the options? We’re here to show you a great way to begin building your own website.

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The internet is full of people trying to sell website development, new website templates, and DIY programs. But if we were helping someone build a business website for themselves, and they wanted to take the time to build something that will last for a long time and will bring their business revenue over the long run, here’s what we’d have them do:

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The Checklist:

1. Learn some basic terms.

Before you start designing your new website, there are some basic terms you’ll want to know. Let’s define them:

  • Domain Name: The actual name of your website. For example, our domain name is “” This acts like the address of the website, as like an address it helps people know how to find your website. Fortunately, buying a domain name is generally inexpensive, and any domain name can connect to any hosting provider.
  • Hosting: Hosting is simply paying for a space for your website to live. If a domain name is an address than paying for hosting is renting the house connected to the address. After all, a website is just a set of files that needs to live on an internet-connected computer.
  • WordPress: WordPress is called a “content management system,” and as a CMS it allows you to edit the content (words and text) on your website without knowing any code. It was originally a very simple software created for blogging, but users found it helpful and flexible, and it now powers almost 40% of the internet!

2. Decide on a few key goals for your new website.

What would your perfect website do? The clearer you can be upfront, the easier it will be to know exactly what you need to build.

When thinking of your own goals, ask yourself questions like:

  • Is this website primarily designed to persuade new visitors to purchase a product (often the case for sales businesses)?
  • Does it need to actually sell products?
  • Is it supposed to show your credibility (as may be important to law firms and physicians)?
  • Is it important for you to appear in Google Search results?


These are important questions to ask yourself, so you can know what sort of website to make or have someone make for you.

3. Gather a list of other websites you like.

The best way to ensure you get what you’re looking for is to start the process prepared with a list of your favorite websites. Find a few websites that you’d like your new website to look like, and find a few that seem set up similarly to how you’d like yours setup. It can also be very helpful to consider what your competition is up to. Although you don’t want to copy anything, you can certainly use others’ sites as a source of inspiration. So pay attention to what you like about their design choices and features!

By coming prepared, you clarify your goals and give yourself a target to hit. As you or your designer are working, you can avoid getting lost in the details of your own individual website by remembering what’s working for others.

4. Consider our favorite host!

Although there are plenty of great hosts and platforms out there, we recommend Inmotion Hosting for small businesses. They manage to balance high quality and low costs really well, providing excellent value. And they also offer a great package to get you started, which includes solid customer support and a drag-and-drop interface. The program we recommend from them also gets you a free domain name and email addresses — so you have one less thing to worry about.

5. Consider working with a second opinion or trusted advisor.

Frankly, we could talk all day about the process of redesigning a website well. That’s kind of the reason why we exist — to help business owners like you feel equipped to leverage business technology well. As a non-profit, we offer free coaching calls to help you feel better prepared to navigate your projects.

But regardless of whether you connect with us or not, we recommend you find someone who can walk with you alongside the process. Consider employees or even friends and family with experience in tech, design, or IT work. Although they may not be experts, having their input or second opinion can make the process of starting a web redevelopment project much easier.

We hope those quick steps have helped! Have more questions? Get in touch with us using the form below!