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21 Ideas for Business Social Media Posts

So you finally made social media accounts for your business—now what? We know that coming up with creative post ideas can be hard, so we encourage you to focus on your target audience: what do they want? What do they care about?

Once you identify their key interests, here are a few ideas for types of posts you can make:

The Ideas:

  1. Create a daily, weekly, monthly series (day of the week works well) with consistent posting time. This gives people something to expect & look forward to, helps your page be consistent, and gives you lot of mileage out of a single idea.
  2. Create how-to or tutorial.
  3. Create a listicle (show the top 5 / 7 best of something).
  4. Create a comprehensive best-of piece.
  5. Run a contest or giveaway.
  6. Host an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”), if you think your customers have questions about your work.
  7. Show a behind-the-scenes of your business.
  8. Run a social media takeover, in which you let an employee or someone related to your brand run the social media accounts for a day.
  9. Share blog posts and other pieces of your own content.
  10. Repurpose & remix your own content (reposting is ok if the content piece is old). For example, turn a plain blog post into a video or infographic.
  11. Share others’ relevant content, and comment on it to add value. Doing this helps others out also and is often appreciated.
  12. Give customers a spotlight, showing positive feedback (especially when a client mentions an individual employee).
  13. Give your team members a spotlight by intentionally appreciating their work.
  14. Ask customers for feedback, whether a simple this/that poll, a quiz, or a survey. This helps you both learn about your audience and get engagement on your page.
  15. You can also ask more open-ended questions to solicit online discussion. Often this can provide interesting insights, but make sure to moderate  online discussions carefully.
  16. Celebrate company milestones and  achievements.
  17. Share advice to help your target audience, using your industry expertise to provide value.
  18. Partner with & raise money for charities you’re passionate about, that are related to your business vision.
  19. Tease a launch or release to build excitement.
  20. Share video or highlights from an event.
  21. Publish opportunities to get involved with your company, such as open positions or public events.

Hopefully this list sparked some ideas as you begin this process. If you have any questions or are considering social media management or support, we encourage you to set up a free strategy call so we can help you further.