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3 Business Website Elements People Forget

As a web designer, I often take on redesign projects for businesses. Although different types of businesses can benefit from very different website functionality, I find there a few common elements that almost all business sites should have — and many business are missing.

If you have a website or are looking to make one soon, check this list to make sure you’re not missing any of these key elements.

1. A Clear Call To Action (CTA)

Use a call to action to invite your website’s viewers to take specific actions. If you don’t use links or buttons to clearly show your viewer what you’d like them to do on a page, they may leave the site after they finish reading the page they landed on.

To make a good cta, ask yourself what your viewer might be looking for, and what goals you have for them. For example, many businesses are selling a product or service. If your goal is to make a sale or receive an inquiry, make sure to offer many links throughout the site to encourage your viewer to purchase or reach out.

You can also use internal links to help a user navigate your website. Don’t count on them to use the menu or search functionality to explore, but guide them through the process by making pages link to other pages whenever relevant. For example, if your About page mentions your expanding locations, add a link to your Locations page. If your Locations page offers store phone numbers, make sure you provide a link to your Contact page so people who prefer to contact your in another way can do so.

2. A Compelling "About" Section

Your About page lets you tell your story. Your story is your credibility, so tell a compelling one. Once people understand the heart behind your business, they’ll be more comfortable doing business with you. If you build trust successfully, they’ll trust your business with their difficult projects.

Although the tone of your writing will depend on your brand voice, don’t be afraid to write from the heart. Show pictures from the earliest days of your business, and show the real faces of your owners and employees. People can quickly and easily identify stock photography and won’t be drawn to it.

3. A Video

Many businesses don’t want to hassle with the process of video production, and so they avoid creating videos introducing their product / service or brand. This is a missed opportunity, however, as videos are highly effective at capturing potential client/customer interest.

A skilled videographer or production team can present your business as professional and effective, while showing what you do, in an engaging way. This will help clients feel like they know you, and be more comfortable reaching out and doing business. Feel free to send the author an email if you’re based in the greater Los Angeles area and looking for a video team, as we have one we recommend.

Hopefully this brief list helped guide you as you evaluate the site you have, or begin building a new one. If you have any questions or are looking for support, we encourage you to set up a free strategy call so we can help you further.